A highly reliable and trustworthy method for One-to-One communication with your Customers!

You may wonder, Isn’t E-Mail marketing dead? The answer is a resounding NO!

And if you believe so, you are missing out on some serious business opportunities.

E-Mail marketing still rules as the most popular digital marketing strategy. An effective e-mail has the potential to convert prospects into sales and turn one-time buyers into loyal customers.

What is E-Mail Marketing?

Simply put, E-Mail marketing means sending out messages to your customers or target audience through e-mails.

E-Mail marketing is a timeless marketing tool that each business swears by. Its popularity has only increased even with the introduction of various other digital marketing techniques over the years.


Why is E-Mail Marketing important for your business?

With a solid 91% of customers checking their mails on a daily basis, E-mail is the #1 channel of communication.

E-Marketing is the most quick and cost-effective way to drive sales. It remains as an efficient tool to nurture leads and engage customers. With its flexible features and mobile accessibility, e-mail plays a big role in the business world. It allows you to connect with consumers across the world in an effective and concise fashion.

E-Mail marketing allows you to build and establish your brand. It is most the personal way to connect with your target audience and display your products.

Employing E-Mail marketing services has proven to be a powerful form of business marketing with email offers having a high lead conversion rate than through social media.

Looking for a simple and economical way to convert sales online? Use our E-Mail Marketing services!

How does E-Mail Marketing Services work?

Our E-Mail Marketing services are tailor-made to suit your business requirements. We help you in generating and closing more leads with our highly targeted E-Mail Marketing Services.

  • Develop a E-Mail Marketing Strategy
  • Building & Growing an E-Mail Opt-In List
  • Creating Custom-designed E-Mail Layout
  • Creating Customized E-Mail Content
  • Campaign Analysis & Monthly Reporting
  • Tracking E-Mail Marketing Campaign

Our core E-Mail Marketing services include:

Bulk E-Mail Marketing:
When done right, Bulk E-Mail Marketing reminds your customers about your products & services, keeps them engaged, boosts sales and maintain brand visibility. Our Bulk E-Mail services can be personalized to match your customer requirements. We provide's email marketing solutions, with perfect email marketing platforms. We make sure the e-mails are sent to only those who have subscribed to avoid spamming.

Promotional E-Mail Marketing:
Shoot promotional e-mails to your audience in the most direct way to promote your service or products and drive traffic to your desired product page. Our team ensures your e-mail consists of innovative yet highly effective content with no spammy words to get your customers to click that Call-To-Action button.

Automated E-Mail Marketing:
Send automated e-mails to your customers or prospective buyers based on a schedule or predetermined triggers that you define. Use our E-Mail Automation Services to send e-mails containing visually appealing and prominent call to action features that can transform your business without you having to lift a finger. We best email marketing companies which provides services in mumbai, India