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Unleash Your Business Potential With Custom-Built Apps!

Got an exciting business idea? Give wings to your imagination and turn them into reality with our application design & development services to build smart, secure & scalable apps for your business. Are apps the future of business? Apps may just be more important than your business website. That’s right! Most of our time is spent on mobile and most of that mobile time is spent on apps, making apps a dominant force in digital interaction.

Regardless of the type of size of business you operate, an effective digital marketing strategy should involve more than just a mobile-friendly website.

Apps are in trend. And in order to stay ahead & take your business to the next level, consider building an app.

Mobile Apps

Get fully scalable, rapid, flexible, secure & personalized mobile apps built for your specific requirements.

Want to see your own app in the Google Play Store or Apple Store? We are here to help you with our mobile application design & development services built to bring your ideas to fruition, all the while keeping in mind your business demands, timeline and budget.

Web Apps

Developing cutting-edge web applications that help your business run with lightning efficiency to achieve maximum productivity.

We offer a variety of web application services built to cater to your business requirements. Our expert developers present a perfect blend of creativity, technicality & knowledgeable experience to deliver custom web application design & development solutions.


Powerful Web Applications tailored to your business practices

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Easy Customizable and Scalable
  • Higher Levels of Security
  • 24 / 7 Accessibility
  • Improved Efficiency

Our App Design & Development Process:

  • Plan
  • Design & Develop
  • Test
  • Launch
  • Support

Social Tangle Application Design & Development Services: Building Brands & Transforming Businesses

Social Tangle provides end-to-end mobile & web application design and development services covering full product lifecycle, from conceptualization to the final launch.

We keep abreast with the latest technology and make use of our vast experience & expertise to ensure highly effective application design & development solutions for our clients. Additionally, our applications are completely flexible and adaptable to meet your ever-changing business needs.